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Our Story

Our Story

After extensive industry experience at national investment management firms, both JJ and Jason arrived at the following important conclusions:

1. The best and the brightest minds in the business tend to migrate to the institutional side, as opposed to the individual or retail division — as the potential rewards are much greater.

2. Wall Street creates products for individuals that are then distributed and sold through their brokers or sales representatives — hence a product driven, not performance driven marketplace.

Brokers are expected to create profits for their employers, and the hierarchy at brokerage firms is based on who sells the most — not who does the best job managing portfolios. We believe this is a major conflict. In our opinion, the above conclusions meant that there was an opportunity for a completely different model to serve the high net worth individual investor. This model is based on complete independence with no financial ties to any brokerage firm, mutual fund or insurance company. We offer comprehensive customized portfolio management based on individual client needs and tolerances. This allows for a solution based model, rather than a product driven model. We have a compensation model where the client’s financial well being comes first. If it is in the best interest for a client to use portfolio money to pay off their mortgage, then it should be encouraged – even though the size of portfolio and thus fees, will decline.

Both Jason and JJ had ambitions to pursue Wall Street careers, which would have taken us to New York or another major financial center. However, independently both of our families decided that the southwest is a great place to live, and where we wanted to stay. Quality of life became a higher priority than potential future financial rewards. This created the opportunity to work directly with individual investors in the southwest area and offer them professional investment management and service.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.