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Our Goal

CWP was established with one goal in mind, create an investment experience that is sound, simple to understand and transparent. We strive to meet individual goals and objectives by investing capital at what we feel are attractive valuations, while never losing focus on the risks associated with the overall marketplace. Every client’s situation is unique. We listen to specific needs, long term goals, and preferences. From these conversations we work to develop customized investment strategies and solutions. We believe that performance and service are closely related.

Our Promise

Capital West Partners will always strive to build a relationship with our clients based on mutual respect, integrity, honest dialog, and exchange of value. We will do outstanding work and ensure that every client receives unparalleled service. We attempt to build enduring relationships by understanding and anticipating our client’s needs while meticulously paying attention to any and all details. Educating our clients is an important part of the investment process. We want you to understand the long-term relationship between your rate of return and risk tolerance.

Our Standards

It is our fiduciary duty to put your interests ahead of ours. Ethics have always been and always will be the backbone of CWP. Your confidentiality and privacy are always important priorities. We understand that earning your trust is a great responsibility that we will never take for granted.

  • Our Investment Philosophy
  • Our Story

Our Investment Philosophy

One size does not fit all. We create individually customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs. For example:

  • Are we managing all or only a portion of your overall assets?
  • What are we looking to specifically accomplish?
  • Where are you in life, accumulation or distribution of assets?
  • Income needs?
  • Tax situation?
  • Are we working with concentrated stock and/or legacy stock positions?
  • Willingness and ability to take risk?
  • Liquidity needs, liquidity sources?

Based on our initial conversations we focus on our role and work towards creating unique solutions. It is important for you to understand what you own and the potential volatility and risk you could be exposed to. We listen to our clients and make subsequent asset class and security selections with their preferences in mind. Relative value between asset classes and the corporate credit cycle help guide us through these decisions. When deemed appropriate and after consulting with you, options may be recommended as part of an overall strategy.

We focus on long term wealth creation and encourage you to commit to a plan. Extreme volatility should be embraced and not feared. It is often an opportunity to enhance long term returns and the willingness to remain disciplined is often rewarded.

As fee only advisors commissions are neither earned nor accepted.

Our Story

After extensive industry experience at national investment management firms, both JJ and Jason arrived at the following important conclusions:

1. The best and the brightest minds in the business tend to migrate to the institutional side, as opposed to the individual or retail division — as the potential rewards are much greater.

2. Wall Street creates products for individuals that are then distributed and sold through their brokers or sales representatives — hence a product driven, not performance driven marketplace.

Brokers are expected to create profits for their employers, and the hierarchy at brokerage firms is based on who sells the most — not who does the best job managing portfolios. We believe this is a major conflict. In our opinion, the above conclusions meant that there was an opportunity for a completely different model to serve the high net worth individual investor. This model is based on complete independence with no financial ties to any brokerage firm, mutual fund or insurance company. We offer comprehensive customized portfolio management based on individual client needs and tolerances. This allows for a solution based model, rather than a product driven model. We have a compensation model where the client’s financial well being comes first. If it is in the best interest for a client to use portfolio money to pay off their mortgage, then it should be encouraged – even though the size of portfolio and thus fees, will decline.

Both Jason and JJ had ambitions to pursue Wall Street careers, which would have taken us to New York or another major financial center. However, independently both of our families decided that the southwest is a great place to live, and where we wanted to stay. Quality of life became a higher priority than potential future financial rewards. This created the opportunity to work directly with individual investors in the southwest area and offer them professional investment management and service.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

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